Zen & Zone’s eco friendly yoga mat

The perfect Eco Friendly Yoga Mat.

The Zen & Zone eco-friendly yoga mat is ideal for all sorts of yoga. We asked our yoga experts what they would want in a perfect yoga mat and we followed their wishes.
Eco-friendly yoga mats that still has that extra luxurious feeling is something that is missing in the market. Therefore  Zen & Zone has made the perfect combination, the optimal cushioning that helps protect your joints and offers a stable surface for your yoga practice, the extra length for anyone taller than 173 cm and the width to get a stable stand.

The Zen & Zone yoga mat measures 183 cm long, 65 cm  wide and 5 mm thick.

Allour yoga mats are made from 100% natural tree rubber, biodegradable and durable. The surface is made of a soft vegan suede with ecological paint. Vegan suede is an fiber made from recycled PET that gives you the perfect non-slide grip. The mat is free from metals such as lead and cadmium, toxic glue, phthalates, latex and silicone. 

This eco-friendly yoga mat can be washed in a washing machine on sensitive cycle.

Enjoy our beautiful prints when you are practicing your yoga. The Zen & Zone yoga mat is so beautiful that you can place the mat in your favourite room all day.

The perfect non slide, eco friendly yoga mat.

This eco-friendly yoga mat is perfect for anyone who practices hot yoga. The fibres are extra long on our eco-friendly yoga mats, that’s why you won’t slide. The more you sweat,the better the grip. The first few times you use the mat, just spray a little water to guarantee that you won’t slide.

We include a free cotton strap in every package because we want you to get the full experience!  Check out our mats here

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